Entrepreneur + Believer

EntreBeliever was birthed out of a passion to help support and inspire entrepreneurs as they build their brands. We launched our brand in February of 2016 and it's now doing over 100K a month in sales. About 18 months after I launched my brand, I was able to quit my job at JPMorgan Chase and do what I love; but It didn't start that way.

After spending the entire summer of 2015 designing and several more months preparing for launch, I managed to sell 5 hats my first week of business. Yup...just five; and all of them were to friends and family. Prior to that, I spent 8 years building a record label that ended up crashing and burning right before my eyes. I was devastated, but I had learned a lot from that venture and I was determined to succeed at this one.

I started searching google for topics such as "how to start a t-shirt company" and "how to launch a brand" only to find a bunch of generic material on topics I already understood. I began studying brands and it didn't take long for mine to start generating thousands of dollars a month in sales.

The more I grew the more questions and video chat request I'd accept to help other people build their own Personal Product Brands. I started dissecting the "why" behind the success of my company and spent a ton of hours putting it into a guide to help struggling brands and new startups alike build something amazing.

We've all seen the Facebook Ad gurus who tell you they've built million dollar companies but we never know if it's true or not. I started my company with three products and have now built those up to over 65. I know what it's like to start from scratch and build a six-figure business. I'm working to grow it into a million dollar brand that employs incredible people and build a solid footprint of giving back to the community. No fluff. No made up numbers and inflated success stories that aren't true. 

You get to learn from me as I scale an extraordinary company with integrity and build yours in the process! The goal is to help each other grow. My mission is to provide resources to help you grow an amazing product brand. Here are the ways I intend to do that: